I can't log into the portal. Help!
Sorry you are experiencing problems logging into the portal. Please make sure that the you are entering the correct details (details below). If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Customer Services who will be able to help.

Delivery Number: You can find your delivery number on the Invoice/delivery note on the returns label, if you don’t have this please contact Customer Services

Zip/Postal Code: Please enter the zip/postal code of the delivery address your order was delivered to.

Email Address: Please enter the email address you provided when you made your delivery.
I did not get a delivery note. Can I still return an item?
If you did not receive a delivery note – that’s okay. You can still return an item if you want, please contact Customer Services and they will be able to provide the delivery number for you.
The Returns Portal/Link is not working. Help!
Sorry that you can't log on to the portal right now. Try and refresh the page a few of times. If you are still seeing an error message or the portal is not working, it might mean we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please speak to someone from our Customer Services team who will be able to help.
I can't email myself the label. What should I do?
If you are experiencing problems emailing yourself the returns label, you can log into the portal from a different PC or Laptop and attempt to print the label. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services team and we can email you the label instead.
I can't find the item that I want to return. How can I return this?
Please check that you are entering the correct delivery number, you can find your delivery number on the Invoice/delivery note on the returns label, if you are still unable to locate the item please contact Customer Services
I've changed my mind/made a mistake. How can I cancel the return?
If you've changed your mind and you decide to keep your items, no problem. But if you have made a mistake, please contact Customer Services and just let them know.
I forgot to print my label. How can I get a new label?
If you forgot to print your label or email it to yourself, no problem. You can log back into the portal by clicking here and follow the below procedure:
  1. Enter your Delivery Number and Zip/Postal Code or Email Address. Click submit.
  2. You should see the Reprint button on the bottom left hand side. Simply click on this and you can print your label.

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